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Nosferatu Live Score

by Shooting Guns


Like the master sales people we are at Cardinal Fuzz as just in time for October 31st we bring you the perfect Halloween treat - The Shooting Guns Live Nosferatu Score. Captured live at the Roxy Theatre (Saskatoon) where psych renegades The Shooting Guns create the perfect doomy apocalyptic soundtrack for F.W. Murnau’s cinematic classic. Over 70 minutes The Shooting Guns ramp up the dread and tension that is perfect for Nosferatu's gothic aesthetic. Haunting melodies chill the hairs on your neck until Count Orlok appears and they let loose the best Wagnerian bummer riffs these ears have heard. Give yourself 70 minutes a darkened room and a spare pair of pants to absorb this masterpeice. Listen to Act IV on the Cardinal Fuzz sales page with more premiers to follow in the coming weeks.

Black, 2xLP