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E GONE / All the Suns of the Earth


$22.00 / Sold Out

“Really, eclectic is hardly the word whilst understatement doesn’t seem to feature much in the vocabulary either. Banjos, sitars, raga and surf guitars and farfisa organ assail the sonic antennae and that’s just track one, the outrageously wonderful “Hexx”. Weird electronica follows in the barely corporeal form of “The Drug Behind The Drug” while “The Poor of Heart” further confounds any attempt at pigeon-holing our artist with an emotive helping of folksy, acoustic balladry. Bewildering, indeed, and this is just the first three tracks … eccentric and quite compelling …”—Terrascope

Sunrise Ocean Bender Records is thrilled to release E GONE’s stunning ‘All the Suns of the Earth.’ Out on limited edition white vinyl housed in a beautiful varnished, embossed gate-fold with a screened printed insert, the real beauty lies inside. The solo project of Daniel Westerlund (The Goner), ‘All the Suns of the Earth.’ is an incredibly rich and diverse outing from an artist that’s not afraid to push the boundaries of music and himself.

Edition of 300. Download card included.

Available as a download only.