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The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol / TBWNIS vs. The Purveyors of Conspicuous Authenticity

by The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

$18.00 / Sold Out

“The idea for TBWNIS was born in the spring of 2008 by Mark McIntyre (Red Hots/Weapons Of Mass Seduction) & John Westhaver (Exploding Meet/Resin Scraper), bass and drums respectively. The two were fresh off 4 years as the rhythm section of Four ‘N’ Giv’r; who released 2 full length albums and played many shows, sharing stages with Lost Sounds, King Khan & BBQ, the Dirtbombs, Bellrays and many others. Finding 2 guitarists, William Guerrero (Weapons Of Mass Seduction/Expatriates) and Nathaniel Hurlow (Dead City Rebels/Glads/Fortunate Sons), the four set about creating the ultimate marriage of improvisation and hard rock edged psychedelic music. … TBWNIS sounds like Hawkwind meets Acid Mothers Temple with Krautrock, progressive and middle-eastern tones.”

Released by Cardinal Fuzz