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Stephen Bailey / Silo

by Stephen Bailey

$19.00 / Sold Out

Cardinal Fuzz are pleased to present to you the debut LP from Stephen Bailey (frontman for Perth slow burning psych purveyors Mt. Mountain) and “Silo” . Featuring 11 tracks of ear candy that highlight Stephens dreamy falsetto vocals and homespun warped psychedelia with touches of homespun folk . Silo is bursting with classic pop cuts - some steeped in sonic reverie of Kikagaku Mayo and others in the more sparse lo-fi slowcore of Galaxie 500.

Stephen Bailey is the frontman of Perth band Mt. Mountain, who specialise in hard-hitting psych rock that drifts between atmospherical drone-outs and epic explosions of noise. However, Stephen’s first solo endeavour takes an extremely different route, offering up a collection of warped psych pop, with touches of folk and classic 60s rock strewn in between. Silo opens with the woozy krautrock of “Demure”, filled with warm organ sounds and complete with Stephen’s vocals gently gliding over the top of everything else. For the most part, guitars make way for keys across the board, with the unearthly church organ of “Polyester Visions” or the glorious piano of charming ballad “Let’s Try Love”, which sees Stephen almost channeling Brian Wilson. Strengthening this comparison is Stephen’s im-pressive falsetto, which thrives throughout the album and heightens the dreamy grooviness of Silo. This is especially felt in album highlight “Sub Zero”, which emphasises another songwriting strength - Stephen’s remarkable ability to make things feel both sparse and engulfing at the same time. Plaintive flutes loom over a number of tracks and Stephen’s falsetto drifts from glamorous to eerie and emotional, particularly felt in the strained longing of “Josephine”.

Black vinyl, download included. 11 tracks, 32 minutes.