• Image of The Movements/Let It All Out (10")
  • Image of The Movements/Let It All Out (10")
  • Image of The Movements/Let It All Out (10")

Get some more of The Movements with their new 10" from Sweden's Beluga Records … If you dug ‘Like Elephants 1 & 2,’ you’re in for a treat … and then some. The Movements further the reach and sweep of ‘Like Elephants 1 & 2’ in a much smaller space. There's fresh psych hooks with ‘Let It All Out’ and ‘Inside Your Mind,’ a trip to the surf with ‘Black Valley’, the mellowed float of ‘Värmeslag’ and amped-up abandon with their ripping take on ‘Vegetable Man.’

10" black vinyl, full color jacket, limited quantity

“Those who heard The Movements' exceptional 'Like Elephants 1 & 2' … will be familiar with their take on garage / psychedelic rock. The new 10" on Beluga Records in Sweden is more of the same....and then some!

The title track initially starts as a mid-tempo garage rocker but veers into fuzzy Velvet Underground territory. 'Värmeslag' is a semi-acoustic slowie, sung in the band's native Swedish (so unfortunately, I'm somewhat ashamed to say, I have no idea what it's about, or indeed what Värmeslag means...any Swedish readers please feel free to educate me!).

It's on the B-side that things get really interesting - 'Inside Of Your Mind' is another stomping garage number, with added female vocals and it fair jogs along with some fine sounding organ work. 'Black Valley' is a high octane surf guitar workout, but, at just a minute long, blink and you'll miss it! The highlight, and indeed the reason I bought this disc, is a fantastic version of Syd Barrett's 'Vegetable Man'. … It captures the spirit of early Floyd and mixes in some skronky sax, some Doorsian organ and the vocals are suitably unhinged at times and it builds and builds until it reaches an almighty sixties psychedelic wigout. It's pretty damned awesome!”—Dayz of Purple and Orange


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