• Image of Prana Crafter/Rupture of Planes (CD)
  • Image of Prana Crafter/Rupture of Planes (CD)
  • Image of Prana Crafter/Rupture of Planes (CD)

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Prana Crafter is William Sol, a (more-or-less) one-man band hailing from America’s great Pacific Northwest, and Rupture of Planes is his second CD release of heavily forested psychedelic goodness. In keeping with the Eastern wisdom traditions referenced by the band name, to the extent this new album ruptures any planes it’s with the larger goal of embodying their differences on some higher level: Incorporating both songs and instrumentals, recorded at home as well as a professional studio, all alone or with backing, sweetly heartfelt balladry alongside shamanic guitar overload, classic psych-rock roots in experimental/lo-fi settings, deep woods ruggedness right next to dressed-up arrangements, electric intensity sharing space with blissed-out serenity, third-eye visions with dirt underneath their fingernails. Twelve tracks, 62 minutes.

Album credits:

All songs written, arranged, and performed by William Sol in the woods of Washington; additional lyrics by Tara Sol

William Sol: Acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, bass guitar, tenor ukulele, singing bowls, vocals, simple rhythmic arrangements

Chris Shealy: Drums: 1, 3, and 8

Jason Suko: Recording & mixing: 1, 3, 5, 8, & 10
William Sol: Recording & mixing: 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, & 12

Mastered by Kevin Moist

Photography by Tara Sol
Design by Kevin McFadin


"Rupture of Planes" was released on October 20, 2015. For more information please visit:

Prana Crafter

Deep Water Acres

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"...song writing with intensity and spirituality... waves of softly resonating psychedelia that shimmer like a heat haze deep within the soul... distorted hazy guitar creating a magic carpet on which to lay your head as you drift into the forest of your dreams..."—Terrascope

“William Sol is the best guitar player I have heard all year. Whether acoustic or electric, the guitar work in this album is jaw-dropping. At times the electric guitar oozes sex appeal akin to Jimi Hendrix’s guitar style. In other songs, Sol goes the more intricate route with both his electric and acoustic guitars. “Rupture of Planes” will take you on a ride to a place you never dreamed you’d go. But when the album ends, you will want to take that awe-inspiring ride again and again. If you have never experienced Prana Crafter’s psychedelic rock, you are in for a treat.”—Independent Clauses

"...the album bleeds rustic charm and backwoods magic; Sol is a highly accomplished and deeply emotive artist who deserves a wide audience for his fusion of acoustic wonder and fearsome blasts of acid tinged psych guitar... an album that as a whole stands as a significant achievement; very few people are making music as ambitious, genuine and essential as this..."—The Active Listener

“…a bewitching mix of folky balladry and hazy psychedelia that is, frankly, beautiful … This is an incredibly intelligent album by an artist who does not feel the need to fit into a certain genre or style. The mix of singer/songwriter, west coast balladry with electrifying bursts of psych rock, all wrapped up in a rural mysticism is intoxicating and bewitching. 'Prana' is the sanskrit for 'life force' and that is reflected by the music - it is life-affirming and I certainly felt a better person having listened to it.”—Dayz of Purple and Orange

“The project’s name hints at an eastern influence, lyrically if not musically, but the eclecticism here draws deep from the landscape in which it was carved…if you want to play a really good trick on your snobbiest friends, slap an old Elektra or Vanguard label on the CD and make them guess who it is. Because that’s how great it is. But better yet, don’t tell them anything. For there are sounds in the forest that you’ve never heard before, and ‘Rupture of Planes’ knows exactly what to do with them.”—Goldmine Magazine

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