• Image of Evening Fires/Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things
  • Image of Evening Fires/Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things
  • Image of Evening Fires/Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things
  • Image of Evening Fires/Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things
  • Image of Evening Fires/Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things

Sunrise Ocean Bender is thrilled to release “Where I’ve Been Is Places and What I’ve Seen Is Things,” one of the newest albums in Evening Fires ongoing story. Once again recorded in the their ‘secret Appalachian den,’ “Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things” was mastered by Kramer and is Evening Fires at their finest. Described as peddlers of that old-time rural acid rock and purveyors of Appalachian space rock, Evening Fires has a reach that easily covers all points in between … and beyond. Available in black or gold vinyl, full-color insert, black sleeve with download. Edition of 250.

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Distributed across the waters by Clear Spot. Distributed in NA by Cobraside.

Available as a DL only at the bandcamp store.

“Incredible Adventures” is a sister release to “Where I’ve Been Is Places and What I’ve Seen Is Things” (released simultaneously on LP by Sunrise Ocean Bender records), featuring longer tracks from the same sessions that didn’t quite fit on the album. Opening with a strum-along hymn to the north 40, concluding via an extended plunge into the great beyond (as begun on “Where I’ve Been…”), and in between traversing a pair of drifting electronic landscapes that offer glimpses of ambient jazz and gloomy kosmische vistas.

As a companion piece to the LP, “Incredible Adventures” (titled after a book by Algernon Blackwood) delves deeper into the album’s terrain, while also expanding into some esoteric spaces out beyond. Not just additional, but also more… Four tracks, 38 minutes.

The CD was recorded and mixed by the group and mastered by Chris Hardman (Dead Sea Apes), with cover art from Kevin McFadin (Sunrise Ocean Bender). “Incredible Adventures” is also available directly from Deep Water Acres.

"Housed in a lovely cover with great artwork, the strength of this album is the fact that the whole band shine together, each an essential part of the whole and that ethos continues on its companion album which begins with the pastoral vibe of “Big Farmer Big Jesus” a slice of Cosmic Country that is beautiful and sweet as cherry pie … 2015 is proving to be a great year for music and these two album are right up there, highly recommended."—Terrascope

“…space rock for a planet built entirely out of forests.… Evening Fires are blazing from a musical center that wasn’t so much ignited by the past, as reflected in it from forty years distance, while wondering what might have happened if the whole thing was starting up again now.”—Goldmine Magazine

”The aptly titled ‘Space Mountain’ comes right out of the chute in acid drenched and totally stoned Kosmsiche freakout mode, like Hawkwind and Guru Guru dazzling the citizenry at the county fair. ‘Too Many Ravens, Not Enough Corpses’ is like the Velvet Underground gone avant-garde Space Rock chamber ensemble. … Definitely different.”—Aural-Innovations

“This is a brilliant album…excellent jams, improvisations and the grooves evolve with brilliant exploration of different themes.”—Andrulians' Blog

""We Cast Our Lots with the Waves" drifts through a simple melody, voiced by an accordion, while various electronic pulses and chimes find their footing. The effect is staggering, as two instrumentations, often at odds, complement each other so well. With Evening Fires, that's going to happen throughout their work, as they meld the rustic ambience with far reaching and eclectic outlooks. If you need more proof of this, see "Space Mountain," which stirs from a great depth, brimming with acid rock drop ins and wobbling electronics alongside a lush backdrop of open ambience."—The Active Listener

“Recorded within the deep Appalachians, Evening Fires from Pennsylvania has unleashed an album filled with instrumental psychedelic richness, mind-altering ambiance, and beautiful hypnotic textures. … take your time and be patient with this album; it will pay off in the end. You’ll find yourself reaching for this album on those stormy nights or a reflective hike or wherever Mother Nature takes you.”—Rotation 11

“ … enchanting mix of the rural and the astral … “Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things” is a perfect example of Evening Fires' bucolic kosmische and a great place to start for the Evening Fires neophyte … Magisterial and magical … ”—Optical Sounds

“Hot on the heels of the wonderful Chef Menteur ‘III’ Sunrise Ocean Bender unleash another salvo of genre-defying, eclectic music, this time in the shape of the new album from Evening Fires, and so consolidating SOB’s position as one of the most interesting, intelligent and discriminating labels around today.

For those not au fait with Evening Fires, they describe themselves as “A collective of musical shape-shifters, a band, a tribe of mountain-dwelling barn alchemists” and that just about covers it; they produce music that covers the full gamut of ‘psychedelia’ from slow burning rural grooves to some all out badass freakouts, and not missing much of what lies between. Alchemists indeed and like alchemists, they try to produce pure gold from base elements, but unlike Nicholas Flamel, John Dee and Fulcanelli et al they succeed and have produced an golden album of beauty, atmosphere and texture.”—Dayz of Purple and Orange

“Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if a bunch of Pennsylvanian backwoodsmen stumbled across an abandoned truck in the woods full of modern musical equipment plus several months’ supply of mescaline and proceeded to get their freak on? … a beautifully absorbing record … "—Thee Psychedelicatessen

“ … there is a heart-aching sense of “yearning” and “connection” underpinning the emotive bedrock of this album, its subtleties engender soaring optimism and spiritual enrichment … Evening Fires have produced an album that is intrinsically visceral, it transcends its affinity with the genius loci of its inception, heralding its universal message seamlessly.”—Chromaticism


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