• Image of E GONE/All The Suns Of The Earth
  • Image of E GONE/All The Suns Of The Earth
  • Image of E GONE/All The Suns Of The Earth
  • Image of E GONE/All The Suns Of The Earth
  • Image of E GONE/All The Suns Of The Earth

Sunrise Ocean Bender Records is thrilled to release E GONE’s stunning ‘All the Suns of the Earth.’ Out on limited edition white vinyl housed in a beautiful varnished, embossed gate-fold with a screened printed insert, the real beauty lies inside. The solo project of Daniel Westerlund (The Goner), ‘All the Suns of the Earth.’ is an incredibly rich and diverse outing from an artist that’s not afraid to push the boundaries of music and himself.

Edition of 300. Download card included.

‘All The Suns Of The Earth’ is available on CD from Deep Water Acres and as a download.

Distributed across the waters by Clear Spot. Distributed in NA by Cobraside.

“Superlative solo album from The Goners’ Daniel Westerlund covers a lot of space over the course of a record—from astrally inclined folk, ambient to raga expeditions. It holds together quite beautifully too. It definitely has a bite of Scandinavian chill about it, but the overall feeling is the same warm wooziness of OS favourite Papa M’s ‘Live From a Shark’s Cave.’ There is no higher compliment! All housed in the usual high standard SOB packaging.”—Optical Sounds Fanzine

“‘All The Suns of The Earth’ in one word? Mesmerizing. … Hazy, entrancing and downright brilliant, E Gone’s ‘All The Suns of The Earth’ is not an album to skip or ignore.”—Record Crates United

“ As at home with trip-hop and electronica as he is with psychedelic and garage styles, Westerlund crafts intricate, highly hooky songs that employ a kitchen sink approach. In the first two minutes you’ll hear sitar, bouzouki, banjo, sampled beats … highly recommended.”—Musoscribe

“ … a real stunner …Westerlund is something of an acid dilettante. Fortunately, unlike the overly ambitious, he has the skills to pay all the bills … Westerlund’s album is a fine achievement; he’s mastered a number of types of composition, but he’s mixing the best of contemporary styles with perfectly reproduced vintage production touches and musical styles. This album is a lot of fun and is one of the best psych submissions I’ve received. The release with the white vinyl is surely enough to make any lover of LPs drool; the packaging is awesome. Go get one.”—Make Your Own Taste

“ … what (Westerlund) has created here is a piece of work that bewilders, confuses, beguiles and seriously impresses, and defies any easy categorization.”—Days of Purple and Orange

“ … on first listen I was fairly baffled by what seems to be a confoundingly diverse set of 9 songs. But after the second listen I was intrigued, and a few more listens later I’ve decided that Westerlund has created something quite different … ‘All the Suns of the Earth’ is an album that requires unhurried mastication and digestion.”—Aural-Innovations

“Daniel Westerlund has presented us with a really beguiling record. The way he managed to fuse tribal rhythms with elements of house music, as some sort of backdrop for the mad splattering of oriental instrumentation, country- and folk music, makes “All the Suns of the Earth” a fascinating album that continues to captivate my mind.”—Arctic Drones

“Really, eclectic is hardly the word whilst understatement doesn’t seem to feature much in the vocabulary either. Banjos, sitars, raga and surf guitars and farfisa organ assail the sonic antennae and that’s just track one, the outrageously wonderful “Hexx”. Weird electronica follows in the barely corporeal form of “The Drug Behind The Drug” while “The Poor of Heart” further confounds any attempt at pigeon-holing our artist with an emotive helping of folksy, acoustic balladry. Bewildering, indeed, and this is just the first three tracks … eccentric and quite compelling …”—Terrascope

“Attempting to affix labels to music this diverse is likely to make your head spin, but within its running time you'll find plenty of exotic, eastern fueled psychedelic rock, ominous, droning synth ambience, carefully layered, crystalline examples of (what is now unfashionable to call) post-rock and a couple of European tinged slices of americana that call to mind the best work of Sixteen Horsepower and the Tallest Man on Earth.”—The Active Listener

“To people of a certain age, E GONE is your second favourite GhostBuster. In this case however, it refers to the solo project of Daniel Westerlund (The Goner). He has produced a dazzling little album of freewheeling songs that demonstrate not only the desire to tear up the genre but the skill to do so as well. Settle in for ‘All The Suns Of The Earth,’ this is a journey that goes from A to B via ∞.”—ColourHorizon

“ The music is refreshingly eclectic; electronica, Indian-influenced music, surf, and Sixteen Horsepower-esque Americana are all effortlessly combined, and that’s just the first track … The album is so diverse it sounds more like a compilation than the work of one artist, but for those of us for whom the music itself is more important than its classification, there is a lot to like here. What with this and the recent two-part album by The Movements, Sunrise Ocean Bender is shaping up to be a definite label to watch out for.”—Bliss/Aquamarine

“Imagine a stranger gains access to your record collection, and proceeds to re-imagine it, in tantalizingly familiar yet elusive hues. Daniel Westerlund is no stranger, like you or I, he is a music fan – albeit an exceptionally talented one.”—Chromaticism

We have some 'seconds' of the insert based on E GONE's artwork. If you'd like one (or two … ) please make a note of it in your order.

Thanks to Kevin Moist, Ben Wentz and Darren Kipp.

Photos by Ryan Marshall.


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