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  • Image of Dead Sea Apes / Spectral Domain
  • Image of Dead Sea Apes / Spectral Domain
  • Image of Dead Sea Apes / Spectral Domain
  • Image of Dead Sea Apes / Spectral Domain

Manchester’s Dead Sea Apes have quickly built a fascinating catalog that has breadth enough to house their shape-shifting bulk and is rife with the promise of growth and exploration. From the riveting stomp of ‘Soy Dios’ and ‘Astral House,’ to the enigmatic ebb and flow laden ‘Lupus,’ and straight through to their stunning collaboration with Black Tempest, ‘The Sun Behind The Sun,’ Dead Sea Apes have bewilderingly avoided categorization. You may not know what they are, but you certainly know who it is when the sounds begin to generate. Equally capable of crushing weight and a mesmerizing nimble agility as well as fragility, Dead Sea Apes are about evolution: process defined with no limits. Transformation continues with the follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘High Evolutionary.’

Sunrise Ocean Bender and Cardinal Fuzz are proud to present ’Spectral Domain,’ the third album by Dead Sea Apes.

From the driving noise juggernaut of ‘Universal Interrogator’, the Lalo Schiffrin meets Cluster spy theme of ‘Brought To Light’ through to the dubbed out claustrophobia of ‘Sixth Side of the Pentagon’, Spectral Domain soundtracks the twilight world of 21st Century conspiracy paranoia.

All housed in a visually striking sleeve and insert designed by Luke Insect on a purple and clear vinyl swirl.

Download included.

Co-released with Cardinal Fuzz Records. in an edition of 500.

Available as a download only directly from Dead Sea Apes.

Distributed across the waters by Clear Spot. Distributed in NA by Cobraside.

Backseat Mafia | Psych Insight 20 Essential Psych Albums 2015

“…they seemed to have pulled us into their dense psychedelic world very easily. We have no doubt fans of this style of music will gravitate towards this spectral domain, so join us for the ride, you will not be disappointed.”—Rotation11

“The fuzz bass alone is so terrifying that if I saw these fuckers coming I’d hightail it quick. And combining the bass riffage with the steady tribal drumming, guitar leads and glom of effects creates the soundtrack to a shit storm of spaced out devastation on the horizon. … ‘Spectral Domain’ is a powerhouse of emotional and thematic complexity, creating sensations of stress, anxiety and unease. Highly recommended, but don’t listen without your daily dose of Xanax.”—Aural-Innovations

“This is psychedelic mayhem at its rare and rawest pinnacle; the sort of album you want to play outside, on a summer evening in deepest suburbia, to make your neighbors think there’s a free festival taking place just outside of eye-shot. And if you replace the pool lights with a strobe, you can really scare the pants off them.”—Goldmine Magazine

“… the extraordinary ‘Sixth Side Of The Pentagon’ opens up on a higher dub plane, the very essence of marijuana fuelled conspiracy is thrust right back at you in a heady haze of stunning musicianship. Unlike anything the band have attempted before, it presents a side of Dead Sea Apes which allows them to expand down multiple routes in the future. Guided by the throbbing bass, they use space and expanse in their sound to create an almost slight yet heady piece of music which revels in it’s complete embrace of all things dub.”—Echoes and Dust

“Industrial Space Rock … dark, claustrophobic soundscapes driven by a deep bass rumble that drag the listener to places not from this Earth. Post Rock, Space Rock, Noise Rock and Industrial Dub are ripped apart and reassembled in a new form; a primal force that crushes everything in its vicinity."—Thee Psychedelicatessen

“‘Universal Interrogator’ slips off with clattering drums – the beat to quarters of a warship ready for battle. Ominous and potent, the sense of oncoming dread is palpable. The rhythm section of Nick Harris and Chris Hardman has travelled far, where they once sketched desolation on Lupus they now pitch the broiling waves of a relentless tempest. Action descends as Brett Savage’s guitar offers chaos and occasional flashes of cannon fire.…”—Colourhorizon

“ … one of the most stunning spiritual odysseys of your existence.”—El Coyote

“Back then with another batch of hard-hitting zoners as deep as those on 'Lupus', the spectral Manchester band move ponderously through slo-mo chimes and rumbles on “Universal Interrogator”, building to a heavy mass that creeps up on you like an impossibly large asteroid filling your field of vision. Equally epic, and equally long, the standout “True Believers” is then an uncompromising chug that dissipates for a spidery, stargazing midsection only to return via steely-jawed battle music for a world-crushing finale.”—[sic] Magazine

“DSA’s most intense and thrilling release so far.”—Terrascope

“I often think that bands like Dead Sea Apes are able to channel something we mere mortals could never tap into. Here the band takes us on a dangerous, all too close flyby of a celestial event that is bombarding us with radiation. This is the sound of galactic violence, of solar ejecta scorching everything in its path.”—Blurt Magazine

“‘Spectral Domain’, deftly plots it’s course between the cacophonous and the harmonious, mixing crushing, menacing, corkscrew trajectories with the modulating, mystical articulation of the necromancer.

That ‘Spectral Domain’ unapologetically casts a somewhat downbeat and sombre shadow than previous DSA outings is, I am sure, in no small part attributable to these troubled times in which we find ourselves. It is of course no less loveable for that, a zeitgeist soundtrack if ever there was one…” — Chromaticism

"This is another superlative album from Dead Sea Apes and must surely cement their place at the head table of psych/kraut/left field bands working today. An album in which to get lost and be transported away to distant lands, nay, worlds. The level of musicianship is up there with the best and, in the capable hands of the mighty Cardinal Fuzz, and this time round, those great dudes at Sunrise Ocean Bender, have produced a product that looks as good as it sounds…" — Dayz of Purple and Orange

"Their two previous albums have shown a sense of daring and adventure that few bands are willing to take, constantly pushing themselves to create not just albums of good music but albums of depth and expression which is something they do and do consistently. ‘Spectral Domain’ builds on the foundations of ‘Lupus’ and ‘High Evolutionary’ and once again sets the bar high, a bar which those plying their trade in a similar circles will look upon with envious eyes." — Heathen MoFo

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