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Another stellar offering from the wonderful Deep Water Acres label … the original US release of ‘3-man instrumental leviathan’ Dead Sea Apes' ‘Lupus.’

“Dead Sea Apes are a Manchester, England-based trio with a big, dark sound that incorporates everything from space- to post- in its ambitious instrumental rockscapes. Lupus is the band’s first full-length disc, following two e.p.s on the group’s own Soul Desert Records. Compared with the muscular mini-epics on those releases, Lupus seems to emanate from a more ghostly dubbed-out post-punk aesthetic. The album took shape in August 2011 as an experiment in improvising on drones and loops, followed by varying amounts of editing and further recording. The immersive outcome ranges from ambient cloud to massive crunch via elliptical extended rhythms and creeping effects, all shot through with a hovering ominous presence. Seven tracks, 57 minutes.”

Professionally pressed & printed CDR in heavyweight clear vinyl wallet with photo quality inlay and insert.

“Like the ominous premonitions of a sleeping giant, the music of Dead Sea Apes is intertwined with low end rumble and drone … blissed out drone that whispers of high magic, sounding like it was recorded in a sacred cave deep underground, just add flickering candlelight and headphones for the full effect. Finally, “Medicine Lodge” is a short meditation for electric guitar, ending a near perfect album with a beauty that the band managed to display throughout.”—Terrascope

“‘Lupus’ feels like a sonic exploration into the joys of repetition and the beauty held within, rewarding the tentative listener with each increasingly epic listen … It’s clear that a huge amount of work went into this disc. Each song builds to a huge, sprawling crescendo of darkness, a cathartic, demented dream. Although draped in the cloak of the downtrodden for the most part, there are glimpses of truly ambient serenity … It is a truly monumental effort … “—Echoes and Dust

“The eeriest soundtrack to the best film you never saw.”—Foxy Digitalis

“The Dead Sea Apes, however, have achieved a sensitivity with this record which, it seems to me, is what's behind the sense of sacredness that imbues this music. It takes me somewhere else. It takes me to a good place where all can be well with the world.”—Backseat Mafia

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