• Image of The Movements/Like Elephants 1 & 2 (2XLP)
  • Image of The Movements/Like Elephants 1 & 2 (2XLP)
  • Image of The Movements/Like Elephants 1 & 2 (2XLP)
  • Image of The Movements/Like Elephants 1 & 2 (2XLP)
  • Image of The Movements/Like Elephants 1 & 2 (2XLP)

The Movements' ‘Like Elephants 1 & 2,’ available together for the first time. ‘Like Elephants 1 & 2,’ pressed on black vinyl, is beautifully packaged in high-quality sleeves inside of a reversible spot-varnished slip-cover. This pressing is a limited edition of 300 and includes a download card for both albums.

Distributed across the waters by Clear Spot. Distributed in NA by Cobraside.

20 cuts total across two glorious albums …

“They move seamlessly from hard-driving motorik anthems to yearning existential ballads to dreamy psych dirges. As I listen I am reminded of everything from Steppenwolf and Black Sabbath to gentle Laurel Canyon country rock. When they want to go balls to the wall they have no trouble pulling out the stops and banging out the riffs, and are equally at ease pulling back and doing quieter and more thoughtful material. The musicianship is spot-on throughout.”—It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

“Brilliantine guitars shimmer, whilst heavenly Hammond organ beautifully supports this masterclass in great songwriting. Great summery psychedelic garage pop. Very worthy of your attention.”—Optical Sounds Fanzine

“What stands out is how the music, whilst heavily loaded with influences, manages to have an original feel of its own. You can also tell that the band themselves must be a powerful force live and this double package leaves you wanting to see them.”—Atom Heart Mutha

“Most of ‘Like Elephants 1 & 2’ can be described as having elements of hard, psychedelic rock, thanks to the generous use of reverberation, sweetly stoned harmonies and spiraling, dazed jamming. … hook-filled choruses and deliciously addictive melodies through a mistily stoned filter.”—Record Crates United

“ … look for ‘Like Elephants 1 & 2’ on my Best of 2014 lists … "—Musoscribe

” … The Movements have created 2 exceptionally fine LPs that will no doubt figure heavily in the inevitable ‘Best of 2014′ lists. An audio travelogue of some of the best records of the last 40 years or so that still sounds fresh and original.”—Dayz of Purple and Orange

“To sum up ‘Like Elephants 1 & 2’ is a worthy contender for album of the year. The Movements hit all the right notes and are well worth a listen.”—The Strange Brew

”The Movements display that rare gift of showcasing the influences of their musical forebears, while at the same time imbuing their music with peerless originality. The inherent familiarity in this music is akin to the emotive warm greetings one has for an old friend, a friend with rousing choruses and all-embracing hooks.”—Chromaticism

“ … these two albums are undoubtedly meant to be heard as a pair. Together they roam through the best guitar music of the last few decades, blending their influences into something new, exciting, vibrant and just plain excellent.”—Terrascope

“ … rich palette of stylistic influences … “All the Lost” sports a sympathetic surf beat, while “Ingenting Kommer Ur Ingenting” resorts to a wall of nihilistic noise to convey its message. “Winter’s Calling” on the other hand breaks down into a stoner rock-jam that reminds me of Baltimore’s Arbouretum, and everything is covered in a varnish that faintly reflects the image of Yura Yura Teikoku.”—Arctic Drones

“ … Refreshingly, the Movements approach to psychedelia doesn’t rely on layering their original sound with phasing, extreme levels of reverb (which seems to be the instant psychedelia pre-set these days) and other studio trickery. Instead, they stretch themselves musically in a similar manner to a number of first generation psychedelicists … ”—The Active Listener

“ … ‘The Death of John Hall D.Y.’ which is one of a number of sun-dappled West Coast sounding tracks which, despite the subject matter, lifts the spirits in the sort of ways that The Byrds lift the spirits.”—Backseat Mafia

“ … never could have imagined that the music of The Movements would soon approach a place of true, unsurpassable resonance in our hearts, minds and ears, never could have imagined that the two albums would be joined in holy record-nerdery … ”—Revolt of the Apes

“The album attacks … the guitar work is ace, at times within touching distance of Marr and Verlaine. Bold, confident and classy.”—ColourHorizon

“David Henriksson’s vocal style has a level of power and intensity to rival that of much more famous rock singers, and perfectly suits the music. If The Movements were around in the late 60s they would surely have been huge.”—Bliss/Aquamarine


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